I am a Brazilian Engineer, Programmer, Systems Analyst, IT Manager, Teacher and Consultant.
During the last 25 years I worked with LOB Applications in small and medium companies in Brazil:

  • During the early 90′ I used Clipper to build MS-DOS LOB Applications.
  • During the late 90′ and early 2000′ I used Delphi to build Windows Desktop LOB Applications.
  • Since 2004 I am only using .NET, mainly ASP.NET, to build Web LOB Applications and Services.

In the middle of 2015 I decided to create a full Archetype for LOB Applications, based on my former experiences and libraries, using the Syncfusion Essential Studio Community Library. Now, after one year, EasyLOB 1.0 has been released, but it’s not a finished work for three reasons:

  • I am using EasyLOB for my own Projects, and new opportunites for improvements show up all the time…
  • I am allways learning new things about .NET and Third-party Libraries, and new ideas come to my mind…
  • EasyLOB needs feedback from other users…

Should you give EasyLOB a try, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed to build it 🙂

São Paulo – SP – Brazil
September, 2016