Learning Path

EasyLOB is a basket of many different technologies and so starting from zero may be a little bit scaring. To start you need, at least, intermediate knowledge about C# and ASP.NET MVC.

I suggest you start reading the following Wiki pages:

An overview of EasyLOB, features and licencing

An overview of EasyLOB Archetype

Line of Business Applications
An overview of building Line of Business Applications with EasyLOB

Once you understand the concepts behind EasyLOB you may clone the Chinook Demo repository and follow the 4 Steps Quick Start to run it in your local computer.

After running Chinook Demo you may read the other Wiki pages to get more details in the EasyLOB internal structure or features like Reports and Dashboards.

Finally, to create an application based on your own database schema, follow the Step-by-Step Northwind Tutorial.

In the Bookmarks Wiki page you find the references for every Software, Library and Database used by EasyLOB.

Good luck!


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