Why EasyLOB?

EasyLOB is a Data-Driven Design Archetype for developing Web based .NET Line of Business (LOB) Applications. An Archetype is a set of Libraries, Design Patterns, Design Practices, Code Generation Scripts and Guidelines. The goal is to build LOB Applications without worrying about “code plumbing”: let EasyLOB take care of most of it for you and leave more time to worry about the real Business problems.

The paragraph above you find in the HOME page of EasyLOB Wiki at GitHub, and just below it you find a lot of FEATURES EasyLOB does already include to help you build LOB Applications like: SCRUD and Layers Code Generation, Security, Audit Trail, Logging, etc.

But why EasyLOB?
To answer this question, we have to imagine a situation:

  • You are a young developer and work for a company developing Business Applications for internal use
  • A monday morning, after arriving at the office, your boss asks you to develop a program, and (as always will happen) you have a very narrow schedule
  • You, of course are going to talk with the people who is going to use the program to understand it and design a solution
  • When design phase starts you will have to choose a database and a programming language, or use the same technologies the company does already use
  • Let’s imagine you are using a common SQL or NoSQL Database and C# .NET to write an ASP.NET application

Now, where to start?
The answer: EasyLOB!
Should you use an Archetype like EasyLOB you will be able to spend your precious time with the Business Requirements and People, and let the “plumbing” code for EasyLOB.

Does EasyLOB generate all code for you? NO!
EasyLOB uses Code Generation for the standard Layers libraries and for SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update and Delete) Models, Views and Controllers. The SCRUD customization, the “Generic Tasks”, the Reports and the Dashboards are still up to you create, with some help of EasyLOB.

Even if your company has internal standards and libraries for coding, you may use EasyLOB to create a fully functional prototype, show it to the users and define an high quality specification of what has to be developed. An skilled EasyLOB user creates a full SCRUD application, based on an existing database schema, in a morning!


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